Azure VM & Disk Cost Visualizer [Template]


Azure provides the ability to easily and quickly spin up VMs with the related resources including disks, IPs and network security groups. However, deleting a VM doesn’t necessarily remove all the related resources leaving behind resources that continue to consume subscription dollars.

The Voleer Azure VM & Disk Cost Visualizer extracts data across Azure subscriptions, providing a dashboard view of resources that may be not utilized but still costing money, and detailed information on resources to help identify if such resources can be removed.

How it works

This template retrieves data across Azure subscription(s) to determine potential resource optimizations such as

  • Orphaned / unattached disks

  • Unused VMs

  • Extraneous public IPs, network interfaces and network security groups


To run this report, you will require an Azure account with rights to the subscriptions that will be assessed, with the following Azure roles

  • Reader

  • Storage Blob Data Reader

Getting started

To start using this template, perform the following:

  1. Launch the Azure VM & Disk Cost Visualizer template from the library and follow the instructions

  2. Optionally schedule the template as a recurring job

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