Analyze MigrationWiz Project [Template]


Performs an assessment of a MigrationWiz project and generates a report providing overall guidance. You can run this automation before and/or after a migration. This automation will perform various tests depending on the project type and options selected.

How it works

This template will retrieve data from MigrationWiz projects to generate a report detailing information about activity and tasks related to these projects including

  • Source and destination domain information
  • Migration passes
  • Migration statistics and metrics
  • Information regarding migration tasks


To run this report, you will require

Getting started

To start using this template, perform the following:

  1. Sign in to your Voleer account or sign up for a new account

  2. Find and click on the tile labelled Analyze MigrationWiz Project template from the list of templates within the library
    2021-06-04 13_37_58-Voleer and 1 more page - Work - Microsoft​ Edge

  3. Select a workspace from the dropdown and click on Launch

  4. Input your MigrationWiz account Username and Password and click Next

  5. Select a MigrationWiz Workgroup from the dropdown and click Next

  6. Specify a part of the Project Name to search for or leave blank for the first 50 projects and click Next

  7. Select a Project from the dropdown listing the search results and click Next

  8. Once completed, the report will be created in the workspace where it can be downloaded. You can also save the template configuration and schedule the template as a recurring job

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