Azure VM Protection Assessment [Template]


Spinning up an Azure VMs with defaults including public IPs and open RDP ports may potentially leave them vulnerable to attack from the internet.

The Voleer Azure VM Protection Assessment takes stock of all security and data settings across VMs in all subscriptions to easily identify potential security issues or data loss risks.

How it works

This template retrieves data across Azure subscription(s) displaying information such as

  • Public IP

  • IP protection status

  • Backup status

  • Deny and Allow ports

  • Security group rules


To run this report, you will require an Azure account with rights to the subscriptions that will be assessed, with the following Azure role

  • Reader

Getting started

To start using this template, perform the following:

  1. Launch the Azure VM Protection Assessment template from the library and follow the instructions

  2. Optionally schedule the template as a recurring job

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