Tennant Assesment errors


When running the tenant assesment the onedrive’s filesize show as 0 in the report, altough they are not empty.
Also i cant seem to get the size of the Teams documents, errors show

Failed Get-PnPTenantSite to retrieve the private channels.
A configuration issue is preventing authentication - check the error message from the server for details. You can modify the configuration in the application registration portal. See Client Applications · AzureAD/microsoft-authentication-library-for-dotnet Wiki · GitHub for details. Original exception: AADSTS700027: Client assertion failed signature validation.
Trace ID: 6524b19e-42fb-49a3-a72a-42cf30fd2a00
Correlation ID: 231f73fd-503e-41fc-8bcd-b66b5e714173
Timestamp: 2022-04-25 12:19:38Z

please help