Template Library Release Notes - December 4th

Here are the latest updates to our Voleer Template Library

December 1st Updates:

The listed templates:

  • Azure Resource Move Pre Validation
  • Azure Resource Optimization Assessment
  • Azure VM & Disk Cost Visualizer
  • Azure VM Protection Assessment
  • Microsoft Teams Adoption
  • Microsoft Teams Assessment
  • License Usage and Optimization Assessment
  • Monthly/Quarterly Report
  • Targeted Security Notifications
  • User Account Security Assessment

Had the following updates:

  • Removed references or updated from “Office 365” to “Microsoft 365” in name, forms or error messages
  • Updated references of “Office 365 email” to “Exchange Online”
  • Updated Voleer email service from “voleer@voleer.io” to “no-reply@voleer.email”
  • Defaulted email sent from user provided credentials to Voleer email service
  • Formatted display name for Device Code authorizations forms from text including “ExchangeOnline” to “Exchange Online”, “MicrosoftGraph” to “Microsoft Graph” etc