Missing Customers?


We are currently evaluating Voleer since we are going to do more more and more migrations.
During the teams assessment we notice that we can only select 1 customer.

There should be more in our tenant.
The account we are using during this job has global admin rights.

Any ideas?

If needed i can upload the logs.

Hi there Peter and thanks for reaching out!

My name’s Micah. I head Customer Success at Voleer and I am the author of the Microsoft Teams Migration Assessment. I’d be happy to set up a quick Teams meeting to check it out with you. Schedule a time here https://calendly.com/voleer/support

If you want to get a head start, you can head over to the Graph Explorer. Sign in with the same account as you used to run the template and in the url bar on the right side, enter https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/contracts and hit Run Query. You should see a list of your customers below. Save that output and have it handy for the teams meeting and we’ll take a look!


Hi Micah,

I get the same output in graph.
Not sure how our timezone work?

I am online from 0800AM till 17:00PM CET.


I just sent you an email with a calendly link that will allow you to schedule a more convenient time in your timezone. Looking forward to it!