Microsoft Teams Report - Teams Assessment


Out of the box, Microsoft Teams allows the creation of teams and channels without restriction. In some cases, the freedom to start a new team and add members promotes collaboration, most often however, the result is sprawl with information duplicated across Teams and many Teams abandoned.

Using the Voleer Microsoft Teams Assessment provides reporting at a high-level dashboard and detailed level information to identify activity (or the lack thereof) and membership to better optimize, secure and maximize collaboration.

How it works

This template will retrieve data across Microsoft 365 to generate a report detailing information including

  • Number of teams, channels, users, and guests

  • Team ownership, membership, and last activity

  • Distribution of channels in teams, teams joined for users and total file size per channel

  • Teams and Channels with similar names

  • Team policy settings and underlying SharePoint Online details

Read article Microsoft Teams Assessment for more information.


To use this report, you will need to

To start using this template, perform the following:

  1. Sign in to your Voleer account or sign up for a new account

  2. Find and click on the tile labelled Microsoft Teams Report - Teams Assessment template from the list of templates within the library

  3. Select a workspace from the dropdown, a compatible Dataset and then click on Launch
    Note - If there are no compatible datasets there will be a link to create one.

  4. Provide a name for the dashboard, and optionally, a description, then click on Continue. The dashboard will be made available within a few minutes!

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