Microsoft Partner Report - License Utilization


The Microsoft Partner License Utilization Power BI report allows partners an easy way to identify customers who have unallocated licenses or low service utilization. In conjunction with subscription end dates, partners are then able to determine the appropriate actions required to reduce customer churn.

How it works

The Power BI report pulls data from the Partner License Utilization Dataset showing at a glance

  • The types of licenses and services that are most / least assigned based on provisioned date
  • All customers and number of provisioned vs non-provisioned licenses based on provisioned date and expiring date
  • All customers and utilization of services over the last 6 months based on license expiration date
  • User license allocation details


To use this Power BI report, you will need to

Getting started

To start using this template, perform the following:

  1. Sign in to your Voleer account or sign up for a new account

  2. Find and click on the tile labelled Microsoft Partner Report - License Utilization template from the list of templates within the library

  3. Select a workspace from the dropdown, a compatible Dataset and then click on Launch

  4. Provide a name for the dashboard, and optionally, a description, then click on Continue. The dashboard will be made available within a few minutes!

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