Microsoft 365 Tenant Migration Assessment [Template]


This template produces a Microsoft 365 tenant assessment that provides information about your Microsoft 365 tenant environment such as mailboxes, OneDrive For Business, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Public Folders, as well as other additional tenant objects that will give a clear analysis of your current tenant. It also allows you to estimate the number of MigrationWiz licenses needed and the estimated licensing cost to migrate.

This is especially useful in the following use cases:

  • Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant pre-migration assessment providing information about the source tenant.
  • Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant post-migration assessment providing information about the destination tenant once the migration has been completed to compare both source and destination objects.
  • General purpose Office tenant assessment.

How it works

This template will retrieve data across Microsoft 365 to generate a report detailing information about all these tenant objects and their more relevant attributes in the context of a tenant-to-tenant migration:

  • Domains added to the Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Mailboxes including:
    • User Mailboxes
    • Non-user mailboxes
    • Archive mailboxes
    • Inactive Mailboxes
    • On hold mailboxes
  • Microsoft 365 licenses and licenses applied to users.
  • Mailbox permissions:
    • FullAccess
    • SendAs
    • SendOnBehalfOf
  • Non-mailbox users:
    • Unlicensed users
    • Guest users
  • Organizational contacts
  • Distribution groups and dynamic distribution groups
  • Security groups and mail-enabled security groups
  • SharePoint Online security groups
  • OneDrive For Business accounts
  • Classic SharePoint Online sites
  • Microsoft 365 unified groups
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft 365 Public Folders
  • Microsoft 365 tenant settings like role memberships
  • BitTitan licenses required to migrate all objects above using BitTitan MigrationWiz


To run this report, you will require an Azure account with the rights to

  • Create an application registration
  • Assign admin-consent application permissions

The inbuilt Global Administrator role has these rights enabled

The App Registration created by Voleer will be assigned the following permissions:

Azure Active Directory Graph

  • Read directory data

Microsoft Graph

  • Read all groups
  • Read all users’ full profiles
  • Read items in all site collections
  • Read all files that user can access
  • Maintain access to data you have given it access to
  • Read directory data

Getting Started

  1. Launch the Microsoft 365 Tenant Migration Assessment template from the library by following these instructions:

  2. Select or create your Workspace and click Launch![image|514x225]

  3. When prompted, 1) copy the code, and then 2) click on Authenticate.

  4. Paste the code into the text box, then click on Next

  5. Complete the Microsoft sign-in process and Accept the permissions requested

    Authentication for this step is completed when you see the below

  6. Next, Authorize Access by clicking on the Authorize button

    Click on Accept on the Permissions requested

    Authorization for this step is completed when you see the below

  7. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for the other Authentication steps (2 of 3 and 3 of 3)

  8. When you reach the Authorizing Sharepoint Enterprise Application for Graph API access, Click on Authorize to complete the step

  9. Once you have completed the authentication steps, you will be prompted to select the domains and the individual components of the assessment that you want. Complete the form and then click Submit

  10. The tenant analysis will begin. You will see the tasks complete one after the other until you have a successful execution.

  11. Congratulations! You will now be able to click the link and download the Microsoft 365 Tenant Migration Assessment report.

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Can we look to add to the UserMailboxes, NonUserMailboxes, UserMailboxesLargerthan50, NonUserMailboxesLargerThan50 the following attributes of Firstname and LastName.
The Display name attribute is ok but when looking to do migrations tenant to tenant, we are looking to leverage this data assessment to bulk create either contacts or AD objects. Display name is not always a logical split on space for first name last name. Having these as defined fields allows for better data usage and reporting.

Thank you sharing!
to confirm you are looking to add the first name to a column and the last name to a column, correct?

Yes, that is correct add firstname and lastname to reports. This allows us to customize the Displayname when on boarding users as we can use firstname and lastname combinations and cultures using family names are not impacted by trying to split the display name.


thank you for the clarity. We are determining the best path forward to support this and other types of data points not made available thru the existing scripts, while balancing the performance/scalability of the assessments for larger organizations. More to come…

When running a Microsoft 365 Tenant Migration Assessment. How long would it take to complete. I start mine today a 8:46 am and some data appeared at 1:46 pm however it almost 6:00 PM and the assessment has not completed.

Thank you for posting. The amount of time can vary depending on the complexity of the M365 tenant being assessed. If you made it past the initial authentication setup steps, there may be other factors prohibiting the template to complete. I am seeing other successful executions of that template and tested the template myself prior to this post.
I will send you a meeting request so we can connect and trouble shoot.

Thank you,

My past Tenant Migration Assessment 2 weeks ago completed in about 10 hours. However, today’s runs are taking far longer. For example the get mailbox details are running about 1 mailbox per minute based on the status every 10 min. We have a migration scheduled soon and we are using these reports to execute tasks. Please respond soon with guidance to speed up the process.

January 13, 2022, 09:19:32 PM
Processed 715 (10.12%) of 7067 total mailboxes.
January 13, 2022, 09:09:15 PM
Processed 706 (9.99%) of 7067 total mailboxes.
January 13, 2022, 08:58:56 PM
Processed 697 (9.86%) of 7067 total mailboxes.