Microsoft 365 Monthly/Quarterly Report [Template]


Microsoft provides consumption and security reporting from within the M365 reports dashboard. However, to be able to share this information in an email-ready, branded format requires hours of manual work, copying and pasting screen captures.

The Voleer Microsoft 365 Monthly/Quarterly Report template solves this by allowing users the ability to provide a branded template on which Voleer will systemically generate graphs within, ready for sending out via email or other methods with zero manual effort.

How it works

Based on user configuration, this template will retrieve 30 or 90 days’ worth of data across Microsoft 365 to generate a report summarizing information for licenses, emails, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, Skype, M365 Apps including data points like

  • Totals based on activity type (sent, received, read etc) and actions

  • Totals and peak users

  • Total storage used and over time

  • Use based on device type

  • Security information including spoof activity, malware, forwarding methods and spam filtered/blocked etc


To run this report, you will require

  • A Microsoft 365 account with Global Administrator, Cloud Administrator or Application Administrator permissions

  • If using Cloud Administrator or Application Administrator permissions, an account with the additional permissions is required

    • Global Reader in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

    • User Options, View-Only Audit Log and View-Only Mail Recipients in Exchange Admin Center

Getting started

To start using this template, perform the following:

  1. Launch the Microsoft 365 Monthly/Quarterly Report template from the library and follow the instructions

  2. Optionally schedule the template as a recurring job

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