Error connecting to Exchange Online - Microsoft 365 Tenant Migration Assessment

I’ve been trying to run a tenant assessment since Friday and just get an error connecting to Exchange Online; I note there was a graph api error in the tenant… but has now been marked as resolved.

We have the same issue at the moment.
Everything is configured correctly, but Exchange Online fails.
We tried to use Powershell and connect-exchangeonline and that works fine…

We get the same issue.

Same here, multi attempts all fail with - Any suggestions to progress past this

O> ctober 11, 2023, 03:42:21 PM

Error Connecting to Exchange Online.

October 11, 2023, 03:42:20 PM

Connecting to Exchange Online as

This happens on:
SharePoint Online Migration Assessment
Microsoft Teams Assessment

Not tried others yet

Getting the same error. Is there a resolution to this?


The problem is related to EOL remote powershell. See Tech community Microsoft screen… Voleer tool has probably not yet been adapted and works on an outdated powershell version!?

Arno is correct. RPS dependant assessment will be updated, dev is actively working with this topic

Teams assessment not dependant on EXO module and should work without issues based on my testings

Hi, is there a timeline by any chance?

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Hi, this is what my college’s got when assessing only Teams…?

There’s 2 different Teams assessments available. It seems your colleague tried to run the first one:

Microsoft Teams assessment
Creates a Microsoft Teams report. Information includes teams activity, guest users, similar team and channel names, etc.

Microsoft Teams Migration
This is an enhanced Microsoft Teams Assessment geared toward migration scenarios that can to plan, execute, and validate your migration project.

same issue here, anyone had any success yet?

Im having the same issue.

Voleer currently uses RPS to access EWS and as MSFT has deprecated RPS on most tenants Voleer reports for Exchange are not working. This report is being updated to leverage EXOv3 instead of RPS, but this change will not be completed for a few weeks to maybe a month.

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OMG I spent like 3 hours re-running assessments and trying to figure out what was wrong with my permissions. I wish I had checked here sooner.

Any news about this ?
The tool is kind of useless without this feature…