Delete Zendesk Tickets [Template]


There are situations in which your Zendesk instance contains “garbage” tickets. These tickets can be originated from Russian Hackers sending SPAM, automatic replies, and more. Because of this, retrieving tickets programmatically can result in slow performance (large ticket retrieval) or unnecessary processing (you are processing more invalid tickets than valid tickets).

This is especially true in the following use cases:

  • Retrieving tickets using the Zendesk API
  • Connecting Zendesk to a BI platform

How it works

This template allows you to delete all tickets assigned to a group (regardless of assignee). Also, to prevent accidental deletes, you can specify a holding period. i.e. Delete all tickets assigned to the group that were created more than 60 days ago. This creates a 3-stage delete process:

  1. Move ticket to delete group - Implemented with Zendesk triggers or automations
  2. Soft ticket deletion - This template performs soft deletes to tickets after a retention period from the create date
  3. Permanent ticket deletion - Soft deleted tickets are scrubbed automatically within 30 days by Zendesk


Getting started

To start using this template, perform the following:

  1. Create a Zendesk group used for ticket deletion
  2. Create a Zendesk trigger or automation that moves tickets to group created in previous step
  3. Launch the Delete Zendesk Tickets template from the library and follow the instructions
  4. Optionally schedule the template as a recurring job

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Here is an example of how you can manually move tickets into a group for deleted tickets.

  1. Created a new group for deleted tickets called Delete Tickets
  2. Create a trigger that agents can use to manually move tickets

This enables agents multiple ways to move tickets manually: