403 Forbidden error when running Microsoft Teams Assessment template

Hi there,

I’m evaluating Voleer and am running into issues running my first template.

I’m trying to run the Microsoft Teams Assessment, but it gets part way through and fails with a 403 Forbidden error when enumerating users.

I’ve tried this twice with different tenants and get the same issue.

2020-12-21T21:44:08Z [Information] Retrieving all unified groups.
2020-12-21T21:44:16Z [Information] Telemetry-Get Unified Groups-100-00:00:08.0530241
2020-12-21T21:44:16Z [Information] Retrieving users.
2020-12-21T21:44:19Z [Warning] Exception occurred while retrieving users. The remote server returned an
error: (403) Forbidden.
2020-12-21T21:44:19Z [Information] Disconnected Exchange Online session(s).
2020-12-21T21:44:19Z [Error] ActionPreferenceStopException: 'The running command stopped because the preference variable "ErrorActionPreference" or common parameter is set to Stop: Errors occurred during task execution. Template execution will be halted.'


Thank you for reaching out Josh! We are excited that you are checking out Voleer. I have made sure that our Customer Success team is looped in and has been given the details you provided. Those details make trouble shooting far more effective. We appreciate it and look forward to getting you a resolution.

Hi Josh,

There was an undocumented change a Microsoft API that caused the issue. As per our communication with you, we have updated the code and it should be working again! Please let us know if you have any issues or have any feedback on improvements to the template or Voleer.

Thanks for reaching out.